Early College Credit Program

Many dual credit programs require that students attend traditional high school or college classes. However, SAGU makes dual credit courses available from home via the internet.

  • SAGU utilizes Blackboard, an innovative web-based course delivery application.
  • Each course utilizes online video lectures and visual aids, which can also be downloaded.
  • Each course is taught by a qualified university professor.
  • Communication tools, such as chat and bulletin boards, are provided for students to network with the professor and peers.

Early College Credit Admissions Process Early College Credit FAQs

Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Dual Credit Tuition per hour online or on campus (no fees) $100

Course Offerings

General Education Courses

  • ENG 1113 Composition and Rhetoric I
  • ENG 1123 Composition and Rhetoric II
  • ENG 2273 Introduction to Literature
  • MTH 1113 College Math
  • MTH 1123 College Algebra
  • BIO 1113 Biology
  • COM 1143 Speech
  • HIS 1113 American History
  • GOV 2213 National and State Government
  • PED 2232 Wellness and Lifestyle
  • PSY 1153 Introduction to Psychology

Bible Core

  • REL 1113 Authentic Christianity
  • REL 1173 Biblical Literature
  • THE 2113 Intro to Theology
  • THE 2333 Pentecostal Doctrine
  • BIB 1223 The Church in Ministry and Mission

**Each semester, additional courses may be offered for Early College Credit students. If you are interested in taking a course that is not listed above, please contact [email protected] to check for course availability. **

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